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Deadline for your personal tax return: Thursday April 30, 2020

Do you have an interest in foreign (non-U.S.) bank or other financial accounts and the aggregate maximum value of these accounts during the year exceeded $10,000 US? You are required to submit a separate FinCEN Form 114 Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts.

  • Comprehensive Personal Income Tax Returns Checklist
  • Simplified Personal Income Returns Tax Checklist
  • Compac Financial Client T1 Engagement letter for the taxation year
  • Download our COMPAC ACCOUNTING Worksheet
  • Download a Compac Financial U.S. Personal Tax Checklist
  • Complete and sign a Form 114a in order to authorize Compac Financial to file the FBAR on your behalf.
  • Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative
  • Personal Tax Organizer


Your corporate tax return is due: six months after your fiscal year end

T4 and T5 reporting deadline: The end of February



Filing deadlines for Family Trust returns are March 31

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